Cast of Characters

I've changed the names of the innocent to allow for plausible deniability in the future. Here are the members of my family:

BestestHusband:  doting father to our 3 daughters, the analytical and detail-oriented force to any logic that reigns in this household. Also the provider of the G-forces that entertain the girls after dinner (and shockingly enough do not cause the re-appearance of their dinner)

HeyMama:  my 5 yr old precocious and extremely chatty daughter. BestestHusband jokingly calls her "Earnest" because she is so serious in her approach to the world. She spends her day asking questions and making observations about the world around her. Lots of observations. She has a lot to say.

MeToo:  my 4 yr old impish and extremely chatty daughter. Her name says it all. She wants to do whatever HeyMama is doing, but is definitely the leader of the family. Especially when it comes to starting trouble.

Little Debbie:  the newest addition to our family. Her nickname was inspired by the pregnancy craving that preceded her arrival:  Swiss Cake rolls.

Mandy:  rescued sheltie that joined the family a few weeks before the morning sickness started with HeyMama. She carries the brains for her and her brother. And is extremely skilled at placing her head right next to your hand for ear-scratching.

Cameron:  brother to Mandy, the good looks of the pair. He's extremely neurotic but overwhelmingly affectionate. And he's just so darn handsome.