Monday, May 27, 2013

Yes, It's Been a Long Time

So it's been almost a month since I last posted here. Yeah, that's a long time, even for me. 
But it's been a busy month. I worked a lot of overtime. BestestHusband traveled. My parents visited for a week. We've been shopping for a larger family car. And bunk beds for big sisters. And I'm almost 7 months pregnant, and constantly either peeing or wanting to take a nap. Or occasionally napping. 

Ok, whine whine whine. Yes, I'm full of excuses. I'd prefer to call them "explanations."

But we're fine. All healthy and happy. Well, mostly happy. Except when someone's using the red and pink pens and someone else really wants them and then whining and crying ensues. Or when someone's using the red tricycle and someone else really wants it and then whining and crying ensues. (Note to self. It's time to buy a bicycle for a certain someone. Ok, maybe 2.)

The tragedy a month ago has caused a great deal of grief. I think many of us here in Boston are still grieving the attack on our city. But other griefs have come along to burden our hearts. Like a monster tornado that ripped a 17 mile gash through a city's suburbs, leveling a school and killing the children hiding inside it.

The world is full of grief. But also full of joy. Death happens. Then life happens. On the same day, we can hear about both funerals and births. We look at flags at half mast to honor those that died protecting our country, then spend an evening on the patio with family, reveling in the joys of our freedom. BestestHusband told the girls the other day that church would be the place of some of their greatest joys and greatest sorrows. Ours has been the site of our wedding and the baptisms of our 2 children, yet the funerals of friends and friends' children. But mostly a routine of nondescript weeks in-between. You need both grief and joy to fully appreciate the hum-drum-ness of daily life. The happy medium is actually pretty nice.

So I'll try to focus a bit more on little joys this week, the ones that add a bit of spice to the blessed hum-drum-ness. I certainly have spent enough time discussing the grief. 

Have a great week!

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