Monday, August 18, 2014

The Hoodie

So parents, back me up on this one. You have a few favorite outfits that your kids wore when they were smaller, right? Those outfits that you see in pictures and smile. And you wish your kid was smaller so they could wear that adorable thing again. Right?

So I'm packing the girls' clothes for a camping trip. And I'm looking for my favorite hoodie. It's green and turquoise, and matches a little outfit that's actually NOT made of girly colors. And it's so cute. (And rare in our world of pink and purple!) And LittleDebbie will look adorable in it. And I can't find it. I want that hoodie. I've looked everywhere. And it's nowhere to be found. And I'm going crazy. I need. That. Hoodie.

This is normal, right?

1 comment:

  1. Yes, it's normal.

    I have several outfits for each child that have gone into the baby box instead of entering/re-entering the hand-me-down cycle.

    And have you checked the drawers where the clothes don't belong? Since my 5-year-old started putting his own laundry away and sorting everyone else's, I have frequently found socks in the pants drawer and shorts in the t-shirt drawer. And apparently, if its pink it belongs to the baby, regardless of the fact that she won't be wearing underwear for another year at least.

    Good luck with your hunt!