Monday, March 11, 2013

Prego Brain

I had originally planned on posting my first picture of my third child today. I thought I had an ultrasound scheduled for 12:40 this afternoon. It wasn't in my calendar. So I called the office to confirm before dragging 2 preschoolers in to see their new sibling. Good thing. The appointment is actually scheduled for two weeks from today. At 12:40.

The girls had a swim lesson scheduled for 9:30 to 10:00. At 9:23, I realized that we needed to get there. Right after I sat them down at the table for a snack. Oops. We were only 15 minutes late for a 30 minute appointment.

I have a wicked case of prego brain right now. I know there are worse problems to have in pregnancy. Within my church family right now, one member has been daily injecting herself with blood thinner to prevent a clot that would be fatal to her child. Another member was hospitalized and is now on bed rest to prevent a condition that would be fatal to herself and her child. I don't really have any problems to complain about.

But hey, I'm the woman who posted pictures of my carnivorous laundry piles. I whine sometimes. I'm willing to admit some imperfection to keep it real. I'm a total scatterbrain right now. I'll admit it. I'm blaming it on the pregnancy. But it might actually just be me. I'm not as green and queasy as I was for the first 15 weeks. Ok, that was definitely from the pregnancy. I'm still pretty lazy and lame. That's baseline for me. But I don't fall asleep on the couch at 7pm anymore. That was definitely the pregnancy.

So I'm willing to be a bigger flake than usual for a while. It's a small price to pay, and a minor problem to deal with. And hey, I'm willing to admit I'm not perfect. Especially when I have something convenient to blame it on!


  1. We just found out our son & daughter-in-law are expecting a son to be born August 5th (our first grandchild!)and she has been telling me stories about her prego brain adventures. So you're not alone!

  2. As a member of the same church family, I feel totally oblivious to realize that two people are having pregnancy issues and I had no clue. I can't blame it on pregnancy brain, either. I'll just keep praying for everybody who's pregnant (that I know about!) and hopefully that will cover it...
    Clueless in Church