Thursday, July 18, 2013

Death and God.

I lost a coworker today. Due to an accident, the coworker was actually a patient at our rehab hospital. Due to a sudden and unexpected medical event, he won't recover from his injuries and return to his previous position. 

We're all in shock. He was a nice guy, a great coworker. He was a music lover. He actually invited me to a music event at my church, not knowing I was actually manning the nursery at the event. He was willing to discuss God at work. I've discovered this to be a rare thing in this area. 

So I guess it's fitting that his death resulted in more conversations about God at work today. I engaged in three of them, myself. Without initiating any of them. 

Death seems to encourage us to take a pause from our daily concerns and think of the bigger picture. 

What is the bigger picture? What will our colleagues talk about when we die? What would our concept of death be if we were all willing to talk about God more during life?

I don't have the energy to do this topic justice. But prayers would be appreciated for the family of JK. And all of his coworkers. Thanks. 

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