Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fun Things

Fun treats have been arriving in our house lately.

My parents sent a little treat for me. If you recognize what's under the brown wrapper, I'm not telling you where I hid it. If you don't recognize the container... well... forget I mentioned it.

And a treat for BestestHusband. Being a soon-to-be-Daddy requires sugary fortification.

And the garden gave us our first ripe tomato. What a treat! We've had some cucumbers and a zucchini. But we're thrilled to have tomatoes. Now we just have to keep them away from the bunnies...


  1. sweet (literally!). Does your Mom have predictive powers to know it's your last week, or is it just wishful thinking? :)

    1. It truly was sweet of her. I'm hoping she does have predictive powers!