Sunday, August 18, 2013

4 Days Old

Little Debbie is a whole entire 4 days old! 
Here are a few things I've learned about her in 4 days:

  • She likes to sleep on her side.
  • She has had a wickedly strong sucking reflex from birth.
  • She is a fantastic eater. 
  • She has very strong lungs, and the voice of a much larger child.
  • She looks a little like both of her sisters, but fully like neither.
  • She is an amazing little bundle of snuggles, and molds to my body perfectly.
  • I could spend all day holding her. But alas, I have 2 other children, a husband, and 2 dogs. They like attention, too.
  • She has angry hands. Those little paws get to flailing, and all heck breaks loose.
  • She has a very serious look about her.
  • She occasionally shows off one very cute dimple.
  • She does NOT like diaper changes. 
  • She requires a lot of diaper changes. 
  • She likes it when her sisters sing to her.
  • She likes white noise.
  • I am absolutely infatuated with this child.
  • BestestHusband would be wise to use this infatuation to his benefit if he wants to convince me to have a 4th child.

I give thanks for her every day.

PS. I promise not to update every 4 days.

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