Monday, August 26, 2013

They're Not Excuses, They're Explanations

Here are my explanations for reduced productivity today:

  • I didn't change the sheets because now they smell like me, which helps Little Debbie sleep better when I get out of bed.
  • I didn't take a nap, because I was afraid Little Debbie would wake up immediately after I fell asleep. And I got a second wind anyway.
  • I was tired and grumpy because Little Debbie didn't sleep well last night and I didn't get a nap.
  • I didn't return all of todays emails and messages because I was using my iPhone's white noise app to help Little Debbie sleep.
  • I didn't get the floors all clean because Little Debbie needed to be held all day, and wasn't truly content unless I was gazing into her eyes lovingly.

So basically, it was a typical day. I just have new explanations for not getting stuff done.

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