Saturday, October 19, 2013

Birthday in Review

A sincere thanks to all who sent emails, cards, and Facebook messages to wish me a happy birthday. It was, indeed a happy birthday. 

My new birthday tradition ( instituted by me) is that I do minimal dishes on my birthday. On this front, the day was a success. Of course, this means that we ate out for lunch and dinner. Oh well. 

HeyMama was off from school due to a teacher inservice day, and it was a preschool day for Me Too. So I had scheduled a checkup for LittleDebbie and dentist appointments for HeyMama and MeToo. But MeToo wanted to see her friends at preschool. 

So we slept in a little bit, took MeToo to preschool, visited work to show off LittleDebbie and HeyMama, then went to LD's appt. we raced to pick up MeToo, then raced to the dentist. They love the dentist's office. They did great. Then we went out to lunch at the same bagel shop that saw MeToo's infamous tantrum 8 months ago. And we saw the frumpy man that made that tantrum infamous. 

MeToo wanted to go back to preschool. So we took her there and went home. Due to the multiple vaccines that LD got at her appointment, she was sleeping hard. So I decided to do the same. HeyMama allowed me to take a nice birthday nap. 

I woke up in such a good mood and with such energy that I decided to harvest some chard from the garden. There was a lot. Cleaning and chopping was interrupted by feeding children. And picking up children from preschool. And then meeting BestestHusband for burgers. 

Dinner was delightful. Tasty Burger lived up to its name. The girls were well behaved and charming. 

The girls were tired and went to bed easily when we got home. And there were no dishes to clean. But there was a lot of chard. So I cleaned, chopped, blanched, and froze chard all evening. It was delightful. 

And looking back on how I spent my birthday and how much I enjoyed it, I declared myself Old. 

Oh well. I hope I can be old again next year. 

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