Monday, October 14, 2013

Long Time No Chat

So it's been a while since I last posted a new entry. Sorry about that. 
I thought I'd post a few pictures to update you all on life in the Bundles of Joy household. Here they are, in no particular order, because I'm doing this mostly one-handed on my phone while holding and bouncing Little Debbie.

Dried lavender flowers from the garden. BestestHusband painstakingly snipped each stem, then I let them sit around for awhile until the flowers fell off and I swept them up into a ball jar.

Two noteworthy garden finds. The pumpkin was the only one out of 3 planted vines. Oh well.

Ingredients for packing lunches. HeyMama loves kindergarten, and MeToo still loves preschool. I don't love having everyone in the car at 7:15am. Oh well.

LittleDebbie in the evening. She's swaddled, horizontal, and being held, just like she demands.  I know I don't usually post pictures of my children, but her cranky face looks pretty generically cranky-babyish to me. I think she still has plausible deniability as a teenager...

Plastic containers that need to be organized.

Plastic containers that have been organized. I spend a lot of time managing and organizing clutter. 

A graham cracker house. I had leftover frosting in piping bags. It was yucky outside. BestestHusband was in Hamster Dance. (you know, that city in the Netherlands?) Or maybe this was when he was in Germany? See the cup of coffee in the background? I drank a lot of coffee while he was gone. Both times. I'm very glad he's back.

HeyMama turned 5. She had breakfast in bed. She was happy.

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