Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Two and a Half Months

Whew. LittleFritter is two and a half months old. It's seemed like and lifetime and a blink of an eye. Funny how time works when you're a parent...

She has, of course, changed our lives completely. Babies are so demanding. Yet so magical. And really really exhausting.

Let me update you on what I know about her.

  • She likes to sleep in a Woombie. With white noise. For naps, she prefers motion. The Mamaroo has been a lifesaver. (Thanks for the rec, Leslie!) At night, she prefers her crib. (No more baby in the bed! Wah-hoo!) She sleeps more than I like to publicly admit. It's almost too good to be true.
  • She likes to be upright. Put her up on your shoulder, and she's a happy gal. 
  • She also likes to try to stand up. Support her standing, and she's your best friend. 
  • If you let her try to support herself, she does the Crazy Baby Dance. Her ataxic attempts at standing and using her arms provide constant entertainment for her sisters. 
  • She smiles and coos. 
  • She likes to have conversations. Speak her language, and her eyes light up.
  • Her language consists of "oohs" and gurgles. Try it. It's fun.
  • She is starting to recognize me as Mama. When I pick her up after a nap, she lights up to see me, even in the absence of food. No longer am I just the Milk Maid. I have redeeming qualities beyond basic nutrition. 
  • She weighs about 15 pounds. 
  • She wants to be held most of the time when she's awake. 
  • She's most insistent on that idea when I'm trying to get dinner on the table and the girls to bed. 
  • She's very loud when she doesn't get what she wants. 
  • Her arms and legs are made of marshmallows. (See that 15# thing, above.)
  • I've developed a seriously messed-up upper back trying to keep her upright  and happy. 
  • She's developed a mohawk of fluffy dark hair. 
  • Her eyes have transitioned to grey. I think I see the beginnings of green.
  • BestestHusband calls her "Mini-Joy". (About time I get a kid that looks like me...)
  • She is the perfect caboose to our gaggle of girls. We are truly blessed.

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