Sunday, October 14, 2012

Stewardship Sunday Again

It's Sunday again. Wow, that was quick.

This was a weekend of domesticity. I harvested lavender and mint. I made yogurt. I made bread. I made soup. I made a mess. I feel like I'm constantly cleaning something...

My Show is on Sunday nights. I haven't had my own show in so long. Ok, that's not exactly true, I do love Revenge. And Castle. And I do watch Dancing With The Stars. But that's mostly just to have a good excuse to spend more time sitting on the couch with BestestHusband... I've become a PBS junkie. There's a new show, Call the Midwife. I'm a sucker for period BBC drama. I've seen 3 episodes and I can't wait for more. Unfortunately, it's right through bedtime. But that's what repeats on the are for. I apparently need to live vicariously through a naive 1950's London nurse-midwife who lives in a convent. Maybe it's all the newborns. Or maybe it's the quiet of the convent that's so appealing...

I've been fighting a bad head cold this week. It was a great reminder that sometimes I don't appreciate something until it's gone. Like free airflow through my left nostril.

Fall arrived early this week, with a hard frost, coats and mittens. I resisted the temptation to turn on the heat, and turned on the oven and stove instead. It's that time of year again. The requests for baked goods are starting to come in from my family.

Ok, again, it's late, and I need to take my NyQuil and go to bed. So I'll report in on the week.

Time: I didn't give up Facebook, but have cut back. We spent a lot of time inside, and I tried to nap more this week. I'm not sure it helped much. I don't feel like I really used my time well, but I don't feel like I frittered it away so badly, either. I did watch a ton of full episodes of other BBC treats on, but that was just because I needed to sleep and the meds wouldn't let me. I was resting, really.

M&Ms: when the Sudafed didn't kill my appetite, I indulged too much on the M&Ms. My taste buds may be dulled for healthy stuff, but still register M&Ms very well. Sigh.

Patience: The Patience Angel was my constant helper, but I still have difficulty when I'm not feeling well. I hope this week will be better. 

Money: I made some big grocery shopping trips this week. I'm going to try to coast on that for a few weeks and use what we've got. Wish me luck. Did I mention that I got good deals at the yard sale? But I mostly got them for other people. I still need to buy pants and other things for HeyMama. Wish me luck.

Food waste: I ended up throwing out some leftovers that were just leftover too long. Last week, BestestHusband, my usual waste-preventer, was at a conference and didn't need lunches. So my usual level of leftover-production was excessive without his lunch-taking. And I have a more active gag reflex than he does. So I threw out probably 3 lunches worth of food. Sigh. Tonight's dinner used up quite a few ingredients that needed to be used. Hopefully that trend will continue and I'll have a better report for next week. 

So the next week starts in about 40 minutes. I'm thankful for Sundays, and the regular time to gather with my church family and refocus on God and His unending grace. I'm thankful that we're given a blank slate to start over again. I'm thankful for forgiveness, and the knowledge that God gives strength where we need it the most. Because most days, I really feel like I need it!

Hope you have a great week! 


  1. You harvested lavender & mint, made yogurt, made bread & made soup while being sick and taking care of younguns & you think you didn't feel you used your time well????? Get a grip! You're AWESOME!!! Granted that style cooking is a small time of fuss & long time waiting for it to get done, but you got more done than me.

    1. I only got that much done because BestestHusband was home, and the girls took marathon naps. The weekdays were a different story!

  2. Re: your beginning & ending...I try to think of cleaning as a reminder of forgiveness (not that it makes me do it any more necessarily). As long as we're here on earth, things will get messy and we'll keep sinning, but we can indeed be thankful for grace and the opportunity to make things clean for whatever short time we can enjoy it. :)

    1. In my case, cleaning is a bigger reminder of our sinful nature. I clean the floors, and they're visibly grimy again less than an hour later. Thankfully God doesn't sigh and yell, "You mean I have to clean them up again?!?! Geez, I just washed them!"