Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stewardship Sunday

I love 3 day weekends. It's Sunday night, and we've opened a bottle of prosecco. No need to rush to get stuff done and go to bed early. We went "hiking" yesterday with the girls before the rain started, and have spent the rest of the time just getting little things done. BestestHusband took HeyMama shopping today to help him find jeans. MeToo and I had great relaxed snuggle time at home. And we have tomorrow to look forward to, as well. Good stuff.

It's been an interesting week. A week of events that require their own posts. When I haven't had 2 glasses of prosecco.

So I'll report in on my week.

M&Ms: my consumption has been scandalous. Just scandalous.

Patience: it's been helped by the M&Ms, and a few trips to the gym. And the Patience Angel. Who apparently took a vacation today. But she was around this week...

Time: I definitely wasted too much time this past week. I hope to do much better this next week.

Money: as I previously reported, I did a fair amount of shopping to bulk up HeyMamas cold weather wardrobe. I got some good deals, though.

Food waste: again, it was scandalous this week. I could fill most of our compost pail with food waste. Sigh. Again, I need to do better this week.

Our Bible study at church is studying the book of Romans right now, and we've been talking about law and grace. Law, the rules and guidelines of life, help us know what we do wrong. Grace, thanks to our loving and forgiving God, allows us to start a week with a clean slate, ready to try again.

So I'm thankful for Grace. It's time to try again.

Hope you have a great week!

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  1. Amen to the glass of wine on the second day of the long weekend! --from Polly