Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cleaning to get ready to be sick

A stomach bug hit our house today. I was looking forward to a day of Easter prep and a job interview. Until I got a call from HeyMama's school. And then HurricaneDebbie's daycare. So both girls and BestestHusband were home by noon. I didn't get much Easter prep done. But I did go to my job interview.

I went to Maundy Thursday services tonight. BestestHusband is going tomorrow night. It seemed like a great plan. But on the way to church, I was convinced I'd need to pull over at some point. Thankfully I didn't. I kept it together through the service, and even on my way home. My cookies have not been tossed.

But before going to bed, I'm cleaning our toilet with Bronner's Peppermint soap. Because I'm pretty sure my head will be in that toilet tonight. And when it is, I want to smell peppermint. Instead of other things. Moms, this is normal, right?

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  1. May you feel better soon. L had an entire night of throwing up every hour or so Monday night, followed by 2 days of recuperation. No one else got it, thank goodness, and now that it's Friday I think we're fairly safe. We are woefully unprepared for Easter, but it doesn't have to be perfect. As long as we can get to church, it will be Easter enough.
    I hope your family recovers in time to come to church on Sunday. Even a short stomach bug can have a long residence time in a family of 5 if you're unlucky...