Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter in Review

This was our Easter:

We cooked for Feaster, the traditional Easter celebration hosted by dear friends. This year's theme country was Australia. Yum. 

We tried silk egg dying, where you wrap colored silk around eggs and boil to transfer the pattern. Pretty easy. And not messy. We have a winner!

Here are the Lamingtons. They are quite tasty. I think we'll keep this recipe. 

BedtestHusband cooked 3 hams. Then cut the bones to make broth. And rendered the fat. And made soup. Yum 

The girls helped me complete this list. We were busy. 

So there was a lot of cooking and preparation. And there was a ton of church prep. And a ton of church services. And a stomach bug. And a crockpot full of ham that spilled ham juice all over the back of the minivan. But we ended today in a blissful haze. And I'm posting pictures instead of thinking about what this week will bring. 

I pray the Joy of Easter will carry us through the Easter season. Or at least last longer than the candy! Happy Easter!

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