Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Anniversary Gift Giving Etiquette

Wedding anniversaries are a wonderful chance to take a break from the whirlwind life that you've created together and reflect on your relationship and the life you've created together.

I'm thankful to say that BestestHusband and I were able to do this yesterday for the 7th time.

What a life we've created together, and what a whirlwind it's become!

7 years ago.

Now, every couple has their own traditions and preferences for gift-giving. Or not-giving. This is a good and appropriate thing. But there are always "experts" who give gift-giving advice. Oh, there's the list of traditional anniversary gifts that are fun to try to stick to, like giving copper or wool for the 7th anniversary. But I'm talking about the "experts" who might say things like, "Don't give your wife pots and pans for your anniversary, she wants lingerie and jewelry."

Don't listen to these experts, my friends. Especially if the pot in question is a heavy piece of French cookware that she has been drooling over for the greater part of the past year. And especially especially if your wife's had 2 kids and prefers more modest sleepwear when being awoken at 3am by munchkins with bad dreams.

When that is the case, get yourself down to the closest outlet mall and buy the aforementioned cookware in her favorite color. Go. Right now.

Ignore the "experts" and realize that, although your wife went to a private liberal arts school where gender studies were popular and the phrase "Biology is not our destiny!" was as well-known as the school's motto, she will not take it as an insult if you buy her something to enrich her current stay-at-home lifestyle. She will happily chant "Flavorful one-pot meals are my destiny!" and display her shiny new prize on top of the stove.

Trust me on this one.

My Preeesscciiiooouuuussssss

David Barnes took the lovely wedding photo. The glare-y pot photo is all mine.


  1. Ah, Le Creuset! It is indeed lovely and will likely last at least as long as the marriage looks like it will. :) turns out my gift to hubby for the 7th anniversary will also not be copper or wool or traditional...we'll see how he likes his newborn.

    Congrats on seven years, and may you have seven times that many and more!

  2. I've craved Le Creuset since I was in high school!! However I've inherited my grandmother's wonderfully seasoned Griswold cast iron dutch oven (& a 9-inch skillet)so Le Creuset would be redundant. Besides, I don't know if I could decide which color to get!!!


  3. survived the "seven year itch" ...maybe that's why wool is a traditional gift? (I don't even know what it really refers to, I just remember there's an old movie with that title). Many happy returns! If you need any recipes, let me know (I have yet to make no-knead bread in ours...)

  4. Congratulations - has it really been that long? I'm all for ignoring gift-giving advice. We make wish lists - sometimes verbal, sometimes written. And every time I trim the hedge with the electric hedge trimmers, I think fondly of my husband who got them for my birthday.
    And if you need some recipe inspiration, my Mother's Day gift was 'Cover and Bake' from Cook's Illustrated. Not ready to use it yet so you could borrow it for a bit.

  5. I refused to do the wedding registry thing when we got married, and it seems that wedding time is also a popular time to acquire lovely Le Creuset items, but I got two anyway...since E already had them. :-) So it worked out nicely anyway. I didn't believe I would like them at first since I can barely lift them, but they truly are awesome.

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