Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stewardship Sunday

Whew, what a week. It was a week of fireworks. Literally. I live in one of the most patriotic neighborhoods in the US. They don't even let state laws slow them down. Why shoot off illegal fireworks just one day a year when you can shoot them off every night that it's not freezing? And yes, I was the crazy lady out barefoot in pajamas, yelling up the hill to the revelers, "Knock it off! I called the cops! It's 1:30am!" And I was the therapist with glazed eyes the next morning siting at the wrong desk, annoying the full-time therapists.

I had an interesting experience with a neighbor at 1:30am. One of my neighbors is almost always shirtless. He's in his 50's. Balding with a comb-over. Paunchy. Never stepped foot in a gym. He's the baby of 9 kids, and was always coddled a bit. Still living rent-free in his (now-deceased) Mama's house. Kinda creepy. Well, Creepy Shirtless Neighbor was out at 1:30am. He apologized for being shirtless, blaming it on getting soaked during the fireworks on the Esplanade. No, he's shirtless because he's Creepy Shirtless Neighbor. And now he's seen my in my pajamas. I shudder just thinking about it...

We had a super-fun week. We were busy enjoying the summer, outdoors. We saw the tall ships on Wednesday. We played with friends. I went to the gym. We had a workday at our friends' house, immediately followed by a birthday party. We took naps. It was a great week.

And now I'm tired. So I'm going to report on my resource management for the week and take a shower.

Food waste: Last week was bad. I didn't post about it, but trust me on this one. This past week, not so much. The fresh lettuce and greens in the backyard are helping me quite a bit.

Money: Ouch again. A trip to TJMaxx for preschooler undies resulted in finding more sandbox toys and fun stuff to do on our upcoming vacation. Good deals, but still, ouch. Oh, and I went out for a girls' night out. Tasty sangria and tasty desserts aren't free.

Patience:  Fair. I was having a rough week for other reasons, but the gym time did help.

M&Ms:  I finished off my container of Mama's Magic Beans (Trader Joe's Mint Chocolate covered espresso beans), but did share them with others. The M&Ms are down in the basement, safely out of my consciousness. The dark chocolate frozen yogurt, unfortunately, was not.

Time:  We did a lot of play dates and play time with friends this week. We went out for a family outing on the 4th. We were outside a lot. This is what we SHOULD be doing in our short Boston summer. We used our time well, as far as I'm concerned. The cleanliness of our house definitely suffered. Oh well. 

Time to get ready for a new busy week. How was your week?

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