Monday, July 2, 2012

A Pat on the Back

Wow, it's late. Why am I still up? Oh, yeah, because we've been busy. It's the same reason my blogging has become less frequent. And I've been up late catching up on stuff. Crossing things off lists. Living a busy summer life. 

HeyMama has made great strides in potty training. She's dry overnight! She decided one night that she really wanted to do this. And she's doing it!!! But part of the plan was that we'd take her to the potty before we go to bed. 

So every night before I go downstairs, I lift HeyMama out of her bed and carry her to the bathroom. She lays her head on my shoulder, wraps her arms around me, and pats my back as I carry her to the bathroom and back. 

Every night, I get a pat on the back for my parenting efforts. Literally.

I'd like to file this one in the "I hope I never forget this" file. 

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