Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Airing Dirty Laundry

If you read some blogs, you might get the idea that the blogger lives in a world where the house is always clean, the food is always gourmet and organic, and the cute clothes on the children are always hand-made.

This is not that blog. You don't want to read those other blogs. You want to know that other people out there live lives that are more chaotic and disorganized than your own. You want to see other people's failures so that you can feel a bit better about your own.

Oh, you don't? Well, sometimes I do...

So I'm posting my week's laundry failure. It's not really a failure, I mean, I managed to get all of the clothes clean in a 36 hour span. But not necessarily sorted. Or folded. Or put away.

But I did manage to make a pretty menacing mountain of laundry.

In the beginning, there was a basket of clean laundry, and a collection of socks.

And then a dry rack of work clothes and some more clean laundry came along.

And then the laundry basket disappeared.

And the mountain continued to grow.

There's a quilt still in the dryer that will soon be added to the mountain. I plan on sending out an avalanche warning. I think the spare bedroom will be off-limits to children and pets until I can get this monster under control.

I hope you feel better about your own laundry habits. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Maybe we can have a laundry day in addition to a craft day...kind of like a progressive dinner but instead go to each one's home and help them fold (and put away!!) the laundry, so at least we can say it happens once a month or so... :)

    1. I LOVE the idea! Throw in a few beverages and baked treats and you instantly have a party. Count me in!

  2. Maybe we can do rent-a-Grandma. My mom always volunteers to fold any laundry as it comes up from the basement. Then we just fall behind on the "putting away" part of it. She's coming December 1. I just have to get the current laundry pile off of the bed she uses while she's here!

    1. Oooh, another great idea! Can we include her in the progressive laundry party? Super productivity in a fraction of the time!