Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm Spoiled

I'm spoiled. I've been attempting to stave off a sinus infection for the past several weeks, and the throbbing in my face and teeth finally convinced me to renounce my martyrdom today and call the doctor.

So at 3:30pm, as I was crawling into bed, I called my doctor's office. The receptionist said I could be seen in 30 minutes, or after noon tomorrow. Of course I leapt out of bed and dashed to the car.

And 30 minutes later I had a doctor peering up my nose. I went down the elevator of my large urban medical practice to the pharmacy. I'm writing this as I'm waiting for antibiotics.

I'm spoiled by the instant medical care. I complained of a problem, and it got addressed. Just like that. A $20 copayment and $4.30 for amoxicillin, and an hour after complaining, I'm on the road to recovery.

Most of the world can't even fathom this access to healthcare.

I'm spoiled. I bet you are, too.

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  1. I hope you feel better soon. We're looking forward to the party and we won't complain if it doesn't have an edible castle. I did make a gingerbread castle once but since we've had kids I stick to basics. Gingerbread makes excellent parapets.
    I'm glad you went in for antibiotics after the headaches started. One of my coworkers told me about a time when he didn't have health insurance, and wouldn't go in for a sinus infection for a long time, and started getting headaches worse and worse. Finally he couldn't take it anymore, and when his friend took him into the ER they had to give him immediate emergency surgery because the infection had almost eaten through into his brain. He was an interesting coworker...