Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pregnancy Dangers

I realize that my decision-making yesterday may not have been so great. In fact, what I did yesterday might have been pretty dangerous. I didn't mean to do anything bad, but I really needed a new bottle of Bac-Out.

I took the girls to Whole Foods. Around lunch time. While pregnant.

I know, what a rookie mistake! Oh yes, and I have the grocery bill to prove it. I really did go in for 1 thing. Ok, 4 things. I realized that I also needed almonds and raisins to complete the Mexican pork dish I was working on. And milk. And I really didn't want to drag the girls to yet ANOTHER store, albeit a cheaper one, to get them. The normal (non-organic, non-grass-fed) gallon of milk I bought was cheaper than I'd get at my normal store. But that's not the type of purchase that sucks me in at WF. That's the danger of Whole Foods. It's not what you plan to buy, but what you don't know that you need until you see it.

I'm out of the first trimester of pregnancy, and starting to feel better, but I still get pretty strong food cravings. Even more dangerous, I get strong drink cravings. For some reason, water does not sit well on my stomach. Even flavored with lemon or lime. Any mother knows this is a bad thing. Hydration is quite important while pregnant. Or anytime, actually. But flavored drinks sit just fine. Like lemonade. Or soda. Or organic locally-sourced chocolate milk. Or organic, made from 5 ingredients, honey-sweetened soda hand-made by a nice guy from Maine who offered us samples. It was yummy. And healthy! Well, for soda...

I was a sucker. But the baby NEEEEDDDED the chocolate milk. And the baby REEEAAALLLLYYYY NEEEEDDDED the honey-sweetened soda. And I just needed the hand-made chocolate toffees. The girls, of course, claimed to need them, too.

BestestHusband tried the soda last night. "Meh." He didn't need it nearly as badly as the baby did. I hope when he sees the grocery receipt and that the soda cost $7 for 4 bottles, he doesn't remember the taste of the soda. I hope he only remembers the taste of the amazing picadillo pork I made after visiting WF. I think the expensive beverages and tasty extras inspired me and the baby to cook. You have to admit, it's the first time I've been motivated to make something out of a cookbook since I became pregnant. Coincidence? I don't think so...

I only needed to get cleaner. Unfortunately, I think I got the wrong bottle, so I'll need to go back. DANGER DANGER!

Let's not discuss how many of these I've eaten already. The girls have helped...


It really hit the spot.
Hey Jackie, tell your family to look for it. It's made in Brunswick, ME!

I couldn't help but pick up something for the girls. These are healthy and fun.

PS. Anyone want to watch Downton with me on Sunday? BestestHusband will be out of town, and I've heard this episode will be a doozy! And since I gave up Facebook for Lent, I have to advertise my loneliness here...


  1. Before that blizzard, I was *stuck* in a whole foods line in the frozen food section for half an hour. I went in for one can of beans. I left with...$35 of groceries that I cannot even list, except I know it included a container of pre-cut pineapple because the woman behind me bought it and I have zero food cravings, but an abundance of food aversions, and that pineapple looked *amazing*. It was probably the most expensive can of beans I've ever purchased :)

  2. We don't have a WF yet, but we have similar places that will suck you in. I'm constantly trying to find gluten-free stuff that tastes good & relieve my bread cravings. GF foods are pricey and it's discouraging to take one bite and say "yuck"! On the beverage side....have you tried cucumber water? Might sit better than the acidic fruit.

  3. I see that the toffee is "all natural" as could it possibly be bad for you or the baby?