Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Vacation Report #3

Today was a much quieter day. We spent the morning at a great city playground, and the afternoon at the hotel's Pirate Pool. Well, the girls did. My afternoon super nap went straight through pool time...

Lake Eola Park is in downtown Orlando. It's apparently a lake formed by a sinkhole that's been developed into a great urban destination. The lake has a great walking path around it. There are swan paddle boats that you can take for a spin. The lake had multiple water fountains in it, and is inhabited by dozens of swans. The playground is large, with multiple structures for multiple ages, and shaded by giant live oak trees.

While it's not as exciting as an amusement park, the girls easily entertained themselves for a few hours. For free. We met up with one of BestestHusband's coworkers and his family, who liked his trip planning well enough to tag along. Their boys had a great time, as well, and we got to chat.

The girls didn't take much of a nap, so we'll do an early bedtime. BestestHusband is downstairs babysitting for his coworker's boys so that he and his wife could get a date night. Our night is tomorrow...

Tomorrow is a day with bigger plans, involving a road trip to visit extended family, a beach, and manatees. Can't wait!


  1. Pink and short sleeves!

    1. And crocs and a sun hat! It's heavenly!!!

  2. You're all outside without coats on! Your skin is showing! The water is all wet and unfrozen! What's going on here? --Polly