Sunday, February 3, 2013

Vacation Report #1

Once upon a time, I was a single gal finishing grad school in warm sunny Texas. I was dating a nice guy in Boston. He asked me to marry him. But I had reservations about moving back to Boston. You see, when I left Boston to go to grad school in Texas, I thought I was leaving Boston for good. I had given away my sweaters. I was convinced Prince Charming was waiting for me in Texas. Well, Prince Charming turned out to be in Boston, and I met him 2 months before leaving to begin grad school in Texas. Ah, the things we do for love. You know it's serious when I'm willing to return to Boston winters for a guy...

He had graduated from grad school with limited success finding a good job in Texas. Of course he had great success finding a job with a biotech startup in Boston. He had been willing to move for me, but it wasn't meant to be. Of course, SLPs can get jobs anywhere. So the future was clear. I'd marry him and move to Boston.

I said yes, but we later discussed our "prenup". I would move to Boston if he would take me somewhere warm every February. He agreed, as long as he didn't have to listen to NPR with me. It was a deal.

So BestestHusband has been keeping up his end of the deal. (Me too, by the way...). And other than the years that we agreed to go colder places (like Fairbanks, Alaska) or not-much-warmer places (like San Angelo, TX) to visit family, we've spent about a week soaking up enough sun and warmth to help us get through the rest of a Boston winter. And it really makes a huge difference in our overall life happiness. Ok, maybe it affects me more. But that does definitely have an effect on the rest of the family, as well...

So right now we're in Orlando. No, we're not visiting the Big D. While the girls would love Disney, we weren't looking to lay out that kind of money for girls who still need naps to get through the day. Especially when hanging out at the hotel pool is still a thrill for them.

Our ideal vacation is a mix of laziness and fun. Today was our first full day here. It was a lazy day. We were too lazy to find a church. So we found it on our iPhones. We wandered around our resort. We made lunch. BestestHusband took the girls to the pool. I took a crazy long nap. The girls came back and took a super long nap. BestestHusband walked to the outlet mall next door to the resort. MeToo wet the bed. I scrubbed a mattress. We all took a family trip to the local Super Walmart to get food for the week. It was definitely a cultural experience. We cooked dinner. The girls ran around like the crazy excited girls they are. They played in the giant bathtub in our master suite. BestestHusband watched the Super Bowl. It was a very lazy day. One I needed to refuel in preparation for tomorrow.

The girls don't know it yet. But it's time for some fun. Tomorrow, we're going to SeaWorld.


  1. Glad you're having fun and sun! B missed the girls in church today--we could have face time-d the service for you! It's snowing here and at least -50 with the windchill (ok, maybe only half of that is accurate) so enjoy FL and come back safely!

  2. Missed you at FLC. The baptism was beautiful!! But glad to hear you're somewhere sunny. Bask! --Polly