Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cold Turkey

"It's time to give up coffee." 

That's what the small voice inside me said earlier today. 

There's a funny little voice in me that speaks up now and then, and tells me to do things:
"It would be good to go far away for college."
"You should try rowing."
"This boy is not the right one for you."
"Turn down that job offer with the high salary. Do something that excites you."
"You should run that marathon."
"It's time to go back to Texas and go to grad school."
"This boy is the right one. Don't let go of him."
"Suck it up and keep going, even if you hate grad school."
"Marry him."
"You're ready to be a mom now."
"It's time to give up coffee."

What do they all have in common? They were hard things to do.

The voice doesn't speak up that often. But when it does, I've learned to listen. Because when it speaks, I have the ability to do what it says. Even when I don't think I do. Even when I've tried doing them before and failed. 

I've wanted to kick my coffee addiction for a long time. It's a crutch. A delicious crutch for a night owl that has to go to work early in the morning. My coffee contains a lot of sugar and milk. Milk is good for me. Sugar is not. I'm trying to work up the willpower to cut sugar out of my diet. Cutting out coffee is a good first step for that. Also, coffee stains my teeth. Coffee gives me stale coffee breath. Coffee dictates my morning. Coffee has too much power over me. I don't need a beverage to do that to me anymore.

So tonight, I listened to the voice. I cleaned out the coffee pot, brewing up some nice hot vinegar. The pot is drying out. I'll put it in the basement tomorrow. 

Wish me luck...


  1. I will try to remember not to offer you coffee on Saturday. Does decaf count?
    As for sugar, you could ask Mike for tips. He says cold turkey was best for him. He recommends finding some things that can be treats that aren't sugar, and substituting them. He eats a lot of almonds these days. And guacamole - because almonds and avocados have been found to help quell sugar cravings.
    He also recommends coconut milk from TJs (with cinnamon on top). That might be a good treat to help with the coffee thing... Or tea (herbal or decaf). Since if you're used to sipping something, it can be hard to stop.

    1. Thanks for the tips. I'm starting the day with green tea, then sipping herbals throughout the day. The flavor from the teas (mint, lemon, etc) helps me not need to munch as much. I have found trail mix with almonds to deflect my cravings for chocolate and sugar so far. But it's a work in progress. I'll have to try the coconut milk idea...