Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to You

I think the girls were way more excited about BestestHusband's birthday than he was.

When I asked him what he wanted to do today, he said "Mow the grass." He was serious. He changed his mind when he saw the thermometer. We talked about a trip to the lake to go swimming. That was the plan. But by the time the errands were run and the girls woke from a marathon nap, HeyMama didn't want to leave the house. So we spent the day cooking.

BestestHusband fire-roasted jalapeƱos from the garden to make hotsauce. It's still simmering right now. We made a Mexican feast. Pounded pork in sour orange marinade. Jicama salad with ancho chili powder. Rick Bayless' cookbook came alive in our kitchen. Over the course of hours, in a never ending parade of dirty dishes...

The girls were most excited about the cake. BestestHusband requested lemon cake with lavender frosting. I made lavender cream to go with it. Heavenly.

Birthdays change when you're older. We're still playing catchup from vacation. The garden bounty needs managing. The ToDo list doesn't get shorter just because it's your birthday.

The girls are in bed. The birthday scotch was tasted. The dishes still taunt, but the Olympics are on. The day has passed unremarkably, like most do. But it's worth pausing to note that 30+ years ago today, a very special person was born. And I'm the lucky gal who got to marry him.

Happy birthday to you, my love, happy birthday.

The result of hours of chopping, searing, marinating, etc.
Lemon cake with glaze. Yum.

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