Sunday, August 12, 2012

Steardship. No, stewship. NO, STEWARDSHIP Sunday!

I'm struggling without my coffee. I couldn't spell "lemon" at church today. Despite my insistence, lemon and melon do contain the same letters. I'm foggy-headed. Not thinking clearly. I'm ready for bed. I have been all day. I'm attempting to decaf my way through a full-caf life.

I know lots of people do it. I suspect I'll be doing much better this time next week. And I have been surviving. I went to work. On a 6:55am bus. I took neighbors to the airport. At 5:10am. By most metrics, I'm doing fine. But I certainly don't feel fine. And full disclosure: I'm drinking green tea to stave off the headaches. So I'm still slightly caffeinated. And it's still hard.

So I'm going to try to do this and get myself to bed. Because another coffee-less morning will dawn bright and early tomorrow.

Food waste: I just tossed a bunch of homegrown lettuce. This week, I tossed a bunch of jicama. Jicama just doesn't keep after it's cut, and my family is not as enthusiastic about eating it as I am. Now this week I need to find a way to use up a few pounds of green onions. Onions, anyone?

Money: I needed new shirts for work. I braved the mall crowds for tax-free weekend. I averaged $15/shirt. Not bad...

Patience: I did not make it to the gym. My patience suffered accordingly. This week will be better. The gym is our first agenda item for tomorrow.

Time: this week was jam-packed. Trip to the lake. Playdate. Trip to Ruth House and Ikea. Work. Evening meeting with my first SLP supervisor to get advice on launching my private practice. The time was well-spent.

M&Ms: None. But Anne brought me some frozen chocolate-covered banana slices. From Trader Joe's. Deadly. My family hasn't discovered them in the freezer yet. But it's just a matter of time.

Ok, I forgot that I need to pit a few pounds of cherries before bedtime. Then bedtime. Oh coffee, how I miss thee...

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