Wednesday, August 15, 2012


So, my posts have been sparse, sorry for that. Busy summer, or something like that...
But I wanted to share a few updates with you while both girls are (miraculously) napping.
Remember that decision to cut out caffeine? Well, this is Day #7. And I'm still going strong. I'm still not up to typical levels of productivity, but I'm doing it all without coffee. And with significantly less sugar. 

My 4pm pot of hot lemon water.

And remember that fantastic anniversary gift I got? Well, it's getting its second use right now caramelizing half-a-dozen onions. Because LeCruset pots and Vidalia onions are just made for one another. Even if it is summer and I try not to turn on the oven or stove...

That's  a lot of onions...

Hope you're having a great day!


  1. It's been so warm so long that I just had to go ahead and sauce a batch of our tomatoes today. Phew! Nothing like standing over a pot of boiling tomatoes on a warm day. Of course, the hot weather is why we have so many we need to sauce them! I discovered that our stockpot holds about 1000 cherry/grape tomatoes!
    My helpers were excited to mash the tomatoes as I chopped them, and to turn the handle of the food mill. They also enjoyed cheering as each clump of peels exited the screw and went 'plop' onto the plate. Kids do make you appreciate the little things. Too bad they're still too little to ask them to stir a pot of boiling tomatoes...

    1. Sounds like a fun and tasty afternoon!
      Albeit hot...