Thursday, September 13, 2012

As Seen on TV

I currently work at the primary acute rehab facility in Boston. So if anyone gets discharged from a major Boston hospital and needs rehab, they come to us.

So when I see a news report of a bad accident or other injurious event, I always think, "Good luck buddy. I'll see you in about a month," and most of them do come to our hospital. But because I only work 2 days per week, I don't get to meet many of them.

But today, I did. I recall the extremely injurious event. I recall thinking my usual thought. I was thrilled to see him looking better than I would have imagined. I was not thrilled to tell him that, in addition to his serious bodily injuries, he also had some serious cognitive injuries.

So I'm going to change my reaction from now on. I think, "Hope you don't need to see me in a month" might be better for my patients. And some prayers. Definitely some prayers.

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