Thursday, September 27, 2012

How Much Would You Pay?

Slow down your reading for a moment and try to answer my questions with specific dollar amounts:

How much would you pay to save your family's lives?

Really, try to name an amount. Everything you have?

How much would you pay to save your best friend's family's lives?

Half of what you have?

How much would you pay to save a stranger's family's lives?

Maybe a few hundred dollars?

What if you could do it for $10?
Would you do it?

If you knew that each $10 could protect a family from disease, a deadly disease, how many families would you agree to save?

What if you heard that the disease affected mostly mothers and children?

What if is was preventable with bed nets and education?

Because I'm describing malaria.

It kills 1 million people, mostly mothers and children, every year. It can be prevented with bed nets and education. And you can provide these resources to a family for $10. How much is $10? A week's worth of Starbucks coffee? Half a manicure? Maybe a whole manicure if you don't live in Boston...

For the price of one insurance co-pay (for really great medical care) to see the pediatrician, I could save the children of TWO ENTIRE FAMILIES from malaria. I could provide them with life-saving medical care for the price of a wellness visit for my child. We have SO MUCH HEALTHCARE at our disposal. They have so little.

But $10 can change that for a family.

Look in your wallet right now. How many families can you help right this instant? Ok, if you're like me, you might not carry cash very often. But you certainly have $10 in your account. Possibly more than that.

How much would you give to your favorite neighbor to save his family? So why not give it to your distant neighbors in Africa to save their families?

Please consider supporting the work being done by the Lutheran Malaria Initiative. The lives of families in Africa really do depend on it.

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