Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stewardship Sunday

After 3 weeks, it feels like we're finally able to catch some air. Whew. Grandparents headed jome on Wednesday after celebrating HeyMama's birthday I was able to get back to the gym. A little. We were able to do some errands and have play dates. And go to a birthday party where we painted plaster things.

And Fall arrived. The mornings are dark, sunset is earlier, and the air is crisp. We switched out summer wardrobes for cool weather clothing. Away went the shorts and sundresses. Out came the sweaters and tights. And coats. Sigh. I was ambitious enough to get up early to run the dogs before church. But it was pitch black and I wussed out. Sigh. Summer is over.

Ok, so I'm too lazy to get anything else done tonight, so I should report in and get myself to bed.

Time: we spent a lot of time inside thanks to some gloomy weather. We played a lot of catchup around the house. We played with new birthday toys. I spent too much time on Facebook. I think I'm going to take a Facebook fast. If I can give up coffee, I can give up Facebook.
M&Ms: in a moment of temporary insanity, I bought a bag of peanut butter M&Ms. And they're all gone now. I shared a few, but not that many. Sigh. To the gym I must go...
Money: The girls and made a visit to Ikea. We splurged on a $9 lunch, and blew $12 on more, you guessed it, storage containers. That was the cheapest trip to Ikea I've ever taken. Of course, we need to shop for winter shoes for HeyMama this week. That won't be cheap.
Food waste: I did quite a bit of cooking today, and used remnants from the week: bread crumbs made from bread crusts, a casserole made from our green tomatoes. But I still threw out produce: A tomato that ripened, but didn't get eaten, half a head of cabbage. I used the other half in a recipe, but couldn't find a use for the leftover half. You know, we're just not cabbage people. Perhaps I should just stop buying it...

Ok, so a new week awaits. I hope it brings you joy!

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