Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Still Here!

Sorry, I missed my weekly Sunday Stewardship check-in. And a ton of other opportunities to post. I've been preparing for the long-awaited arrival of Nana and PawPaw.

My parents are in town. The girls are over-the-moon happy. The have their own personal playmates who don't do all that boring grownup stuff like cooking, cleaning, and running errands. But those playmates are still big enough to throw them up in the air and take them to the playground. The girls are in heaven.

I'm pretty happy, too. Because living 2000+ miles away from your parents really sucks sometimes. Like when you have kids. Kids who love their grandparents. And grandparents who love their kids. And parents who are great to just sit around talking to. So we try to cram all of that lost time into a week-long visit. It's a pretty intense week. But a blast.

So we have a busy week. Our agenda includes a trip to the Cape. And camping. And hiking. And apple-picking. And Dad's helping me make rhythm sticks for preschool music time. And of course the obligatory games of PawPaw Monster. And Nana Monster.

So tonight I pray that no one else gets the stomach bug they my Mum came down with today. Because we have a lot of weeks to cram in to this one. And no time for sickness...


  1. Having just returned from my parents' house in CA, I also wish Grandma & Grandpa lived closer. Three kids 5 and under on a plane isn't easy (or cheap), even when they do behave remarkably well.
    And already they want to go back, which we don't plan to do for at least a couple years, since they usually travel here. I couldn't bring myself to tell my 2 year old "Actually sweetie we probably won't go back again until you've at least doubled in age and don't remember this trip..."
    We wish you good health and much happiness this week!

    1. Thanks! I hope your transition back to reality is going well, too.