Monday, April 16, 2012

Flight of Imagination

"I'm packing a bag for the trip. This one has vitamins. She has gummy worm ones and crunchy ones. Some of them make her sleepy, some of them make her happy, and some of them make her awake. She can eat crunchy foods, like me. But she can only eat soft foods because she's a baby. I'm packing today and we're leaving tomorrow. I'll pack some finger foods for the plane. She can eat crunchy finger foods. But she'll need baby foods. NOOOO! Mama, MeToo took my baby!!! GIVE IT BAAACCKKK!!! So this bin is for her and this bin is for her. There's a little air conditioner in there so they can breathe in there. They're stacked together on the plane. But they have their own beds when they get to Texas. They like Texas. This bag has toys and this bag has snacks and this bag has vitamins. Her favorite color is yellow so she gets yellow gummy vitamins and her favorite color is pink and she gets pink crunchy vitamins. They're going to Texas to see their Nana and PawPaw and play. I'm packing their bathing suits and flip flops because it will be summer there. Maybe we'll see a thunder storm. She's afraid of thunder, but she's not. She likes it. I like it too. She cries when there's thunder, but I'll hold her and tell her not to be afraid. I'm packing their jammies and their toothbrush and their shampoo. And a towel and a washcloth. I need to go get bath toys to pack too. NOOOO! I was playing with that! THAT'S MYYY BAAAGGGG!!! Her name is Tessa and her name is Ritessa. She's the big sister and she's the little sister."

This kind of narrative can go on for hours. It's such a joy to see the birth and development of an imagination. But if you can listen to this without your ears or brain going numb, you're a better person than I am. She really can go on and on and on... 

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