Thursday, April 26, 2012

Date Night

We have a date tonight. 
We have a sitter. 
We have tickets to a show. 
I got off work early. 
I bought the girls a rotisserie chicken. 
The broccoli is in the steamer. 
My hair is flat ironed. 
My dress is laid out. 
As are my shiny tights and fun shoes. 
I am ready.

Here are the tickets!
Nevermind that someone at the Wang can't spell "Pharmaceuticals". 

The tickets are the completion of the Valentine's gift that BestestHusband gave me. He always planned to give me something other than X-rated gummy candies. I mean, the gummies would have been enough. But the date night is pretty great. I'm not complaining. 

Have I mentioned that I'm excited?


  1. That looks like it would be awesome. Until a certain reality dance competition became a TV show, I never realized how much I admire (and envy) dancers for their grace and athleticism. It makes me want to enroll my child/ren in dance classes so my clutziness is not passed down to the next generation.

    1. It was mesmerizing. We wondered how their bodies could do the things that they did. Then concluded that THAT was why they were on stage and we were not. BTW, the girls will be exposed to dance lessons in the Fall.

  2. Dancing ability conversations aside (I have no skillz; it's a short conversation!), I still can't get over that spelling of "pharmacudicals." Shameful! :-)