Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Treats

So my darling BestestHusband went on a business trip to Germany a while back, and found a fun candy store there. He brought back cranberry-flavored gummy bears. And they were good!

He said that they had just about any type of gummy candy you could imagine. Well, they went way above and beyond my expectations. Way way beyond. How he managed to keep these a secret all this time is impressive to me. I think I would have had to show someone immediately:

(I should warn you, this candy might need some kind of rating like R or XX... clear the children from the room...)

HeyMama asked what they were.
I said, "Hearts and cupids."

HeyMama asked where their diapers were.
I said, "They're going bare-bummed." Because apparently Cupid is still working on potty-training.

She was fine with this concept.

Whew. Someday she'll be horrified that we had these in the house. Until then, she'll tell her preschool teachers that Daddy gave Mama heart and Cupid candies for Valentine's Day.

Um, yeah, they're anatomically correct.
(I still can't get pictures to rotate. Turn your head for full effect.)

They come in multiple poses and flavors!

Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like red-hot hearts and gummies with genitalia.

Those crazy Germans.
The name of this one is obvious if you look closely...

Here are the hearts. 
"Flaming Hearts", if BestestHusband's German is correct...

I have to give BestestHusband credit for a memorable gift. 

The rest of the gift is an event planned for the future. What did I give him? "Pirate Booties" according to the girls. (I only buy BestestHusband snack foods as special treats. Poor guy...) The rest of the gift is backordered, and the opening will be an event in the future.

What was your most memorable Valentine's Day gift?


  1. I haven't seen those at my local German grocery store. Maybe I'm shopping at the wrong places.

    1. Hahaha!
      I think it was a specific candy store in Heidelberg. Brian emphasized that they had EVERYTHING gummy, so if you're interested in something for the boys, I can get details for you!

  2. Anatomically correct shapes aside, German gummies are so much better than what we get here!