Thursday, February 16, 2012

Show Me Some Love!

It's Valentine's week. I introduced some girls that could really use a demonstration of kindness and love. I shared pictures of my anatomically correct gummy "Cupids" that BestestHusband gave me. I talked about the humiliation that parents accept from their children in the name of love. Now I will continue the Valentine's theme. 

Do you love me? Or even like me a little?

Yesterday was my 50th blog post. Some of you tell me in person, emails, and FB posts that you love reading my blog. I'm honored, flattered, and thrilled to be a good part of your day. That's my goal, to highlight or share a bit of joy and encouragement every day. We all have days where it's hard to find. Some of us get in ruts where we don't see it for weeks. And certainly we know of friends or family who could use a bit of joy in their day. 

So I'm entreating you to show me some love and share some Joy. Share my blog with others. Go to your favorite post right now and share it on Facebook and Twitter, or email it to everyone you know. Or just the people you think will like it. And every time I write something that makes you smile, pass it on.

I have delusions of becoming a Blogging Bazillionaire. Getting a book deal or 4. Getting flown around the world to visit you and do book signings. Oh wait, Pioneer Woman already did all of that. (Quick Digression:  Pioneer Woman's coming to Boston in March!!! I can't wait!!! I'm totally getting my copies of her books autographed!) So far I've earned 13 cents on the ads to the right of my blog posts. That's just from page views. (I'd get more if people checked out the ads.) I'm on track to earn a dollar by the end of the year!

I also have delusions of being a global phenomenon. I apparently have readers in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, Burma, and the Netherlands. Have friends in other countries? Please feed my ego and get them reading my blog. Blogger keeps track of it, and checking it is a favorite form of procrastination. 

So please comment on my posts. I'll comment. And show my love right back.



  1. Awww...I'll comment. I remember when I had a blog that I did love the comments. They were like little gifts throughout my day.

    I don't know what to tell you about the fame aspirations...I could point you to a few really obnoxious but successful blogs, but honestly, I think those really successful blogs have some sort of horrific drama as their backdrop. I wouldn't wish that on anyone!

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the comment Rachel!
      I'm mostly joking about the fame aspirations. Mostly.
      What I have noticed about a lot of blogs is that they're known for profanity. I find some of them funny, but would love to be a less-profane option.

    2. I think we all have fame aspirations at some point. Who wouldn't want to make a bajillion bucks writing a blog? :)

      I can email you some not-profane famous and apparently profitable blogs...I am not a huge fan of them so I will not post them here, though.