Monday, February 20, 2012

Time For A New Savings Account

The house is calm and peaceful this Presidents Day - it's just MeToo, the dogs and myself, and they're all napping. Ah, peace and quiet...

BestestHusband decided that today was the day he'd take HeyMama skiing for the first time. This hasn't been a great winter for skiing. It's been great for me - mild with barely any snow. But those aren't great ski conditions.  So they went somewhere close and cheap for a few hours of ski intro, and prayed they'd find something other than rocks on the ground. 

Of course, close and cheap are all relative. 90 minutes away is close for skiing. And I'm not sure what the grand total of the "cheap" is yet. But you don't start skiing to save money. You do it to find a reason to look forward to winter. 

I'm happy to stay home with MeToo. She's too young for skiing. And I'm just too ME for skiing.

Here's the thing: I know how to ski, I just don't like doing it. 

Everyone says, "Oh, if you'd just going skiing with ME, you'd have a good time!" No. No I won't. Lots of people tried. They all failed. BestestHusband is smart enough not to push the issue. He knows how I am about cold. And being physically out of control. And constantly battling gravity and my under-developed sense of balance. 

It's not an issue of not knowing how. Growing up, my father was a chaplain at a large university in Houston. Every year, we'd drive a few van-loads of college students to New Mexico to go skiing. We'd all sleep on the floor at a local church and spend our days on the ski slopes. It was fun. I took lessons. I was pretty good. I did the hard slopes. I just didn't love it. And as I've gotten older, and less-tolerant of cold, and less-tolerant of being out of control and off-balance, I love it less and less. 

Some people say, "Oh, if you just buy the right type of gear, you won't get cold. You'll have more fun." But I haven't yet found the ski bubble that prevents any of my skin from being touched by cold. Or the gloves that distribute a burst of heat to my left middle finger that turns white after 5 minutes in temperatures under 45 degrees. When that technology is reasonably-priced, let me know. I'll reconsider my stance on skiing. 

Until then, I suspect we'll be a skiing family. I'll be happy to have the girls not inherit my dread of winter. Well, BestestHusband and the girls will be the skiing family. I'll be the spa-ing part of the family. Time to start saving those pennies...


  1. I'll happily drink hot chocolate in the lodge with you anytime while our BestestHusbands take the kiddos skiing. If there is more snow next winter we should try to take a weekend trip to my parents' house near King Pine (great for learning to ski) in NH.

    1. Yes yes yes!!! Both girls will be old enough next year! We can tag-team watching the twins and visiting a spa!