Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Once Every Four Years?

Happy Leap Day everyone! It's February 29th, an event that only occurs every 4 years. I hope that's not a commentary on the rest of my day...

Today, for once, I feel like I'm doing things right. Usually, I question or regret at least one thing I do in a day. Most days, I have a running list of questionables. Should I have let her have that meringue? Did they get enough vegetables today? Am I teaching self-control, or just being too hard on them? Am I enforcing my personal boundaries, or just being cranky? The list can go on and on.

But not today. Somehow, today feels ok. The girls ate breakfast. They helped dress themselves. They played in my room while I got dressed. We went to the gym. I watched 2 (!) episodes of Ace of Cakes while on the elliptical machine. The machine had a little fan that blew cool air on my sweaty brow. MeToo didn't cry when we left the gym! Wait, she did, but it didn't upset me so much. We went to the Lebanese market. I bought a  week's worth of produce, bagels, and fresh pita for $25 (!).  We ate a super-healthy lunch. The girls loved it. It was yummy. Everyone's happy. The dogs are patiently waiting for the girls to wake up from naps to go for a walk in the snow. It's snowing! And it's pretty! And I'm ok with it!

What's going on here? The bickering has been minimal. The fussing and arguing has been minimal. What has been present hasn't bothered me too much. I've had more patience than usual. This is a nice change. I'll take it.

I just hope it isn't connected to Leap Day. Because I don't want to wait another 4 years for a day like today!

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