Friday, February 3, 2012

The Day Before Vacation

Yes folks, that's human excrement on my jute rug.

A certain 2 year old decided that today was the day she'd stop wearing diapers and start using the potty. With a little error along the way...

I'm trying to be really excited. She followed up this doozy with a successful trip to the potty for another #2, and then a #1. Without any prompting from me. She just did it. This is pretty awesome! 

Except that I'm trying to pack for vacation. So in the midst of packing and writing out a novel about household stuff for our housesitter/dogsitter, I'm rolling up rugs and doing puddle checks and sniffing for any other surprises.

But I'm really trying to be excited... 


  1. They do choose their own timetable! Good luck for MT's success while on the trip. The only rug we have in the house is in the dining room which is blocked off by an 8 foot long baby fence since our dog is still unclear on the outside vs inside relief issue.

  2. Congrats MeToo! And hey, mistakes, they happen. I hope it doesn't succeed in dampening the excitement!

  3. My advice (for clean-up, not potty training), spray on Sol-U-Mel to clean and Sol-U-Guard to disinfect. Enjoy your vacation :)!

  4. Thanks all! I enzymed the stain and am going back now for a good scrubbing!