Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Change of Seasons

Today marks a changing of the church seasons - we go from celebrating Christmas and Epiphany to preparing for Easter. Despite the lengthening days, Lent is a dark season. It's a time to reflect on and mourn the evil parts of our nature and an inescapable death, and ready ourselves for the joy of knowing forgiveness and everlasting life. 

Many people prepare by giving something up. Like chocolate. Or wine. Or Facebook. Our church encourages people to take something on:  volunteering, giving a gift, adopting a new habit that changes our daily routine and helps to set aside this season as unique.

Historically, I've given up chocolate. That was always hard. But I find the taking on to be much harder. It makes you give more of yourself. I'm still searching for what I'll take on. I have a few ideas, but am waiting for inspiration to help me choose.

To all who celebrate this changing of the seasons, I pray you'll find these upcoming weeks to be fulfilling.


  1. I've already given up too much food-wise, so I am taking on daily devotional reading & hope the habit lasts longer than Lent!