Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stewardship Sunday

Well, it's Sunday again, time to account for the management of the many resources I've been gifted with over the past week.

This week was a toughie due to conflicting demands and events.
Three weeks ago, I determined to account for food wastage.
Two weeks ago, I determined to waste less time on the internet.
This past week, I realized that I need to be way more patient with my girls and view them as gifts, not responsibilities.
And somewhere along the way I reported on my Peanut M&M addiction.

The kicker? This was our first week back after a magical week with Nana and Pawpaw. The trip to Texas was pretty great for the girls. They were spoiled rotten (this is a grandparent's prerogative, nay, JOB!) My parents did a fantastic job. The girls were not happy to be back home to a world of running errands, entertaining themselves, and the energy and available time of two adults instead of four.

It was rough on all of us. There was the 24/7 re-re-re-testing of all of the rules of the house. (Just to make sure I hadn't forgotten them?) There were a few 50+ minute tantrum sessions. There was a lot of whining. And bickering. And throwing of oneself on the floor in protest. (That's a different process from tantrumming in this household...)

So I too frequently used checking my email/blog stats/Facebook to lower my blood pressure. And I ate WAAAYYYY too many Peanut M&Ms. Way way too many. But I was conscious of doing this as I did it. I'd like to tell myself that I was truly prioritizing increased patience, so I let myself use the other things as coping strategies. Maybe. I like to tell my patients that AWARENESS of errors is a prerequisite to the CORRECTION of errors. So I'm optimistically telling myself that I'm still on track for getting better... Ok, maybe I've just got LOTS of room for improvement.

Food waste:  I honestly can't think of anything I threw out this past week. I mean, there were a few mushy spots on produce that I cut off, but I think overall we've been good. The big test will be this upcoming week:  my fridge is overflowing with food, and I cooked a lot more for Sunday Dinner yesterday and today.  So the test will be whether or not I can effectively manage my leftovers and find recipes to use up the ingredients that I started using yesterday. Wish me luck!

How was your week?

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