Saturday, February 18, 2012

Homesick Texan

So I had grandiose plans of posting a blog about one of my dogs with photos that truly captured a well-rounded doggie personality. Some people might question if either of my dogs has a well-rounded personality... I just know that I didn't get the chance to find any pictures. So maybe another day.

I'm busy tonight doing a bit of pre-cooking for tomorrow's Sunday Dinner. We're having friends over, so I'm inspired to try new recipes from a cookbook I got for Christmas, the Homesick Texan Cookbook. This thing is for real. As I read through some of the chapter intros this morning, I kept blurting out things at odd intervals, like: 
Fried crappie! (it's a fish, people)
Brown-sugared pecans!
Peach cobbler!
BestestHusband kept giving me the look that says, "I know I was marrying someone a bit different, but geez lady, what is this all about?!"
This cookbook has some legit-looking recipes. I'm trying five of them over the next two days, so I'll have to get back to you on if they really taste like home.

But the smell of BBQ sauce currently bubbling away on my stovetop is heavenly. The miles and years are starting to melt away. 

Where's my French Horn?

It's midnight. Why am I still up?
I'm waiting on the flans. They've got 15 more minutes.
The BBQ sauce is in a Bell jar in the fridge.
The rub for the brisket is prepped. 
The onions and garlic are sliced and in the fridge. 
I'm working on the Texas Caviar. It should be done when the flans are. 
My kitchen smells like heaven. 


  1. In a roundabout way, I have tried a recipe from your cookbook, despite not owning it myself. Another blogger I follow (SmittenKitchen) re-posted the pork carnitas recipe, which I made about 2 weeks ago. Very tasty! (But best when fresh, so only make it when you've got enough people around to help eat it up.)

    1. I love SmittenKitchen! The oven brisket with coffee-chipotle BBQ sauce was heavenly. Amazing. I'll have to try the carnitas recipe, that sounds good too. The tomato cobbler was surprisingly yummy, and Texas Caviar is always great - the best way to eat black-eyed peas by far!