Thursday, March 1, 2012

Giving Thanks in Winter

I was going to do another entry on why I like winter, then realized that they're all reasons I like THIS winter, which is quite mild and quite the anomaly. So it wouldn't be fair. And then I realized that some of the things I like are actually ANTIDOTES to winter. So I'll just list them as things to be thankful for. We're told to give thanks in all situations, so here are a few things I'm thankful for:

1. Down comforters. There is nothing cozier at the end of a long cold day than crawling into a bed topped with a down comforter. Honestly, we could open the window in the dead of winter and still be warm. I wouldn't do it, but I'm happy to know I could.

2. Flannel sheets. Especially nice ones that BestestHusband gave me for Christmas. They're extremely soft. And warm up very quickly.

3. A BestestHusband to warm up the bed before I get into it. He's very good at this. And I'm extremely thankful for him.

4. Cashmere. It's extremely warm. And soft. And light on the skin. You can't have too much cashmere. And as I don't yet have much of it, I can't imagine ever wishing I had less.

5. A Job. Heat in the winter is not cheap. A snug and well-insulated home is not cheap. Adequate food and clothing is not cheap. Being adequately employed in this economy is not easy. For the paychecks we bring home, I'm extremely thankful.

6. Slush storms. I'm going to be wild and crazy and give thanks for today's snow/rain/slush storm. Because of it, I got to work 30 minutes early. (I had to leave earlier to catch the bus.) Good thing. I had back-to-back evals that I had to prep for and start at 8am. Then I had to travel to another work site. Because I took the bus, I didn't wear boots and pack shoes. This made my bag lighter. Which was helpful when schlepping around town for work.

7. The harpist at Government Center in the morning. The train doors open at the station for maybe 30 seconds on a normal day. This is long enough for harp music to float in and make me smile. I frequently hear people getting on the train humming the music that was playing. What a gift for morning commuters!

8.  Goals. I'm going to find 10 things to be thankful for. I might have to dig deep. But it's good to find joy and thankfulness in the small things.

9. Travel coffee mugs with good seals. Mine frequently upends itself in my work bag or diaper bag. But the coffee stays inside and the bag stays dry. Thank you Lord for good coffee mugs!

10.  Today, my pen fell onto the floor next to the toilet instead of IN the toilet. I carry a pen in my back pocket at work. Sometimes it falls out. Sometimes it falls in the toilet. That's not my favorite part of a day. But I do enjoy picking out new pens.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. I think I'll make a similar list this summer. I'll start with air conditioning!
    - Shannon

    1. That is definitely something to give thanks for daily in Houston!