Thursday, March 29, 2012

The FedEx Guy

For the first time in a long time, I answered the doorbell to find the FedEx guy still at my door with a package. "There's a bit of weight in that one," he said.

I mentioned my gimpy back, and asked kindly for him to move it the 7 feet into our condo. I apologized. I don't like to ask men to do my heavy lifting. I'm a strong woman. I can take care of myself. 

Except when my back is gimpy. Then, I'm just pitiful. Like today. I'm better, but still a bit pitiful. 

I told him I was on muscle relaxers. I showed him the wearable heat pack wrapped around my waist. I apologized again for even asking.

He was very kind about it, said it wasn't a problem at all. 

I offered him a muffin. Reflexively, he declined. 

I told him it was a healthy muffin. With apples. Carrots. Flax. Walnuts.

He took a muffin. 

So I don't feel as guilty about asking a guy to lift a box for me. 

The moral of the story? Good things come to those who lift weight.

Ok, so that was a one-liner worthy of Grandpa A. Or Pastor D. 

But I got a box lifted. And he got a healthy yummy muffin.

As Pastor D would say, "Life is good."

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