Monday, March 26, 2012

Stewardship Sunday/Monday

I've been despairing at my lack of productivity as I lie about moaning with a gimpy back. But once again, my ToDo list tells me the week was not all lost.

I worked a Saturday. Slowly, stretching frequently. And then I was useless for the rest of the evening. I went to church on Sunday. Then went to the urgent care clinic for some drugs. Then ran a few errands with HeyMama. Then made breakfast for dinner. And was useless for the rest if the day. Too useless even to watch GCB. That's pretty pitiful.

But the beginning of the week was much better. We played outside quite a bit this week. The weather was fantastic, and Boston is always happy to enjoy an early summer preview. Trees burst into bloom. Playgrounds came to life. The tulips popped up in the front yard. So did the hyacinth. The bushes and trees are sprouting leaves. People in Boston are sprouting good moods. It's a good time of year to be here.

A neighborhood tree in bloom.
A magnolia budding out.
Close-up of magnolia buds.

I discovered an angel in my neighborhood this week. Her name is Jackie, and she had heat packs for my back when I didn't (but really needed them!) I'm extremely grateful that I have good friends in my neighborhood.

But on to my accounting of resources.

Patience: I blew it on Friday. Big time. I was cranky. Really cranky. Let's just hope that's not one of the random memories the girls have when they're older...

Food waste: this wasn't a great week for food waste. The muscle relaxer I took a few hours ago is making it difficult to recall everything I tossed, but I think it was around a meal's worth. It definitely included 2 cucumbers. One grew hair and died before its time. The other languished sadly for too long before joining the compost party. I tried today to explain to HeyMama why we try not to waste food. I started in on the "there are starving children in Africa" line. But the blank look from HeyMama told me to save my breath. I'll have to work on that. She gets the concept of sending nets to Africa to keep the little boys and girls from getting malaria. So I'll have to work on making it concrete for her. 

Yes, that used to be a cucumber. Eewww...

M&Ms:  We still have plain M&Ms. So not a problem for me. But the sea salt brownies that Anne brought over on Friday were a problem. I really am a sucker for chocolate...

So this week is still off to a rocky start. I'm mobile with my drugs, but still gimping along and cranky. The Easter candy is calling to me. Loudly. My patience was gone by 2pm today. This might be a long week.

Hope your week is off to a better start!

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  1. Sorry for tempting you with the brownies; I intended them to be medicinal. :)