Friday, March 30, 2012

Canine Music Appreciation

So I apparently trained my dogs to like the tune to "Danny Boy".

I like to make up new lyrics to go with the tune, and croon to my Shelties. Irish, Scottish, whatever. They're both countries with lots of sheep. And my sheep dogs love the song.

Well, I discovered the other night that just hearing the tune can send my dogs running to me. I was organizing the bathroom cabinet, and had the iPod going in the bedroom. Percy Grainger's version of the tune came on, and the dogs woke up and came running to me to receive the affection that usually goes along with that song. I'm not kidding. My dogs heard the tune, and came running to me. Like Pavlov's dogs, but with less slobber. 

I guess this is unintended dog trick #2* in our household. They like it when I pee, and they like sentimental Irish ballads. 

Dogs. Go figure. 

They aren't as fond of the Muppets' version as I am though... Check it out

*Unintended trick #1 was apparently training them to come running for affection every time I sit down to pee. 

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