Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We say a lot of things in duplicate in our household. We call our dog Cammy-Cam. HeyMama's name gets duplicated. MeToo calls us Mommymommy and Daddydaddy. So today is Tuesdaytuesday. Why not?

Let's see what it will bring. I'm open to options, but praying it's not poopy fingerprints.

Addendum:  What Tuesdaytuesday brought...

Tuesdaytuesday brought:

  • A oddly ravenous appetite.
  • A hirsute middle-aged man wearing running shorts and tank on the bus. He really shouldn't have.
  • Lunch on a sunny bench at the bus station while transitioning between work sites.
  • A trip to the Lebanese grocer, with a fun surprise meeting with a co-worker outside. 
  • A good excuse to change into capris and flip-flops before picking up the girls. I think I had MRSA on my pants, anyway. 
  • The following recounting of morning events from HeyMama:  "This morning, I caught 2 bad guys before I went to work. Then I went to work at the police station. One of the bad guys tried to get out. But I caught him and made him stay inside. Then they went to sleep. I went next door to the castle. When I was coming back, I heard giggling. I told the bad guys, 'NO MORE GIGGLING!' and they stopped."
  • More rice salad at dinner.
  • A two hour nap face-down on the girls' rug after bedtime. I now have rug-fiber indentations on my face, but a great burst of energy right before midnight!

How was your Tuesdaytuesday?


  1. Love HeyMama's law enforcement technique!

    1. I had no idea that bad guys in jail giggled. Now I know!