Thursday, March 8, 2012

Meet Mandy (#5 in the Dog series)

So you've met Cameron, our lovable yet freakish Sheltie. Now you should meet Mandy. She's the brains of the operation. Mandy is fluffier, more delicate and gentle, and yes, much smarter.

Mandy at rest.

We also sing songs to Mandy to the tune of "Danny Boy": "Oh Mandy girl, you are my fluffy puppy, oh Mandy girl, you really are so sweet..."

She really is a sweet soul. She was a bit suspicious when we brought home HeyMama, but she got with the program pretty quickly. She was at my feet for every middle-of-the-night feeding. The boys would still be snoring in their respective bed/kennels, but she was my constant companion.

I can always count on her to be delicate. She jumps into your lap delicately. She licks your face delicately. She lays down next to you delicately. And if she gets a "squish hug", she just takes it.

Mandy calmly allowing herself to be carried down a ladder while hiking.

She is very skilled at begging for affection. She'll insert her snout into your hand if you're sitting down. She'll flop on her back at your feet if you're standing up. If you're on the floor, her head is exactly where your hand can reach it. She is unrelenting. And irresistible.

 There's one time she's not gentle:  when she's chasing squirrels. Mandy has declared herself Chief Squirrel Chaser of the Arb. She takes that job seriously. There's joy in watching Mandy tear around the Arb in a barking frenzy. She's doing what her breed's supposed to to. Leaping, sprinting, she's poetry in motion. Her long fur flies in the wind. Strangers stop to watch. 

Mandy in action.

Where's the squirrel?

There it is!

Hi, you called?

How can you not?

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