Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stewardship Sunday Failure, Again

It's been another busy and fun-filled week.
I worked more. This always has an effect on life around here. I worked on a big upcoming event. And I even met a few BigWigs. It was exciting.
So I'm tired. My house is a disaster. My ToDo list is a bit overwhelming right now.
So I'm going to be a good steward of my house, children, and life tomorrow.
I'm going to be a good steward of my bed tonight.
You'll hear more of the good stuff that way tomorrow. In complete sentences.
Happy Sunday!


  1. Hope you enjoyed time with Matt Harrison.....yes, I can call him Matt! Yesterday was another day I would have liked to be two places at one time.

    1. His sermon yesterday was fantastic! And having dinner with him Friday night was also a hoot!