Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Geriatric Sympathies

So my gimpy back has spread to a spastic shoulder. I'm a mess. I'm cranky. I'm grumbly. I'm a complainer. And I'm spaced out on muscle relaxers.

This is why I'm not blogging much lately. And the posts that do make it up are a bit whiny in nature. Sitting at the computer is really uncomfortable. If I'm not up and doing, I'm lying on the couch on a heating pad.

I do have a new appreciation for my geriatric patients who deal with arthritis, GERD, spinal stenosis, etc etc on a daily basis. And I'm now even more impressed with those that are pleasant and sunny despite it all. I have hope that some PT and maybe a bit of acupuncture will give me back my pain-free life. This is not necessarily true for my 89 year old ladies at work.  

So I'm telling myself that this will make me a better therapist. I may have to keep repeating it for a while before I truly believe it, though...


  1. It's tough to be a gimpy mommy. Ouch. You don't get proper time off.
    So I don't know if rooibos tea is okay with muscle relaxers, but it might help a little. Mike says that a cup of rooibos a day makes a big difference for his aches and pains. Of course, he has arthritis and bursitis, so it's a little different, but your injury probably has inflammation, too, and that's what it's good for.
    If you get desperate you could try his no-sugar diet. Really desperate...
    I hope you feel better soon. You do make me feel like I shouldn't gripe too much about dragging my pregnant butt around the grocery store today...

    1. A no-sugar diet does sound a bit desperate. But every shoulder spasm I have might make the idea seem more reasonable...

      Don't worry, you're definitely entitled to your own gripes. I have very distinct memories of dragging my pregnant self around the grocery store. And they're not fond memories!