Wednesday, January 18, 2012

From Trophy Wife to Single Mom

I have a newfound appreciation for all the single moms out there. Even the moms that technically aren’t single, but have traveling spouses that frequently leave them piloting the family ship alone.

I started my day as a Trophy Wife. I spent an hour on the elliptical with Alton Brown and a few of his Food Network friends. The girls and I went to Panera for lunch. We grocery shopped. I got a peppermint mocha. We went to the library to check out new books. I met with their daycare director to discuss curriculum and upcoming surprise events. We jetted home for an “arsenic hours” playdate and dinner. We made cute cereal treat teddy bears! The mommies had mommy drinks! It was great!

Except that we did all of these things in one day with a 2 yr old who didn’t nap, a 3 yr old who accidentally did, and 2 yappy dogs that didn’t get a walk this morning. So the day started out great and then gradually devolved into bedlam. Cacophonous bedlam. (Is that redundant? Or is there such a thing as quiet bedlam? Or mildly noisy bedlam? Or harmoniously loud bedlam?)

So at 8pm I have 2 girls who DESPERATELY need to get to bed, but are too wired to do so. I have a kitchen full of dinner dishes and groceries still in their bags. I have cereal and powdered sugar all over the floor. I didn’t get a chance to shower after the gym, so I reek. I have a mountain of laundry to fold. (my 3 year old pointed out that she didn’t have clean socks or undies in her closet for her to wear tomorrow. She’s right. They’re all heaped on the spare bedroom bed.) I have daycare bags to pack with winter gear. I still don’t know when or where I’m working tomorrow. I’m trying to lure a potential dog-walker with expensive hair products. The list goes on.

And I have a husband currently in transit over the Atlantic Ocean for a 3 day business trip. 

So to all of the single moms out there tonight, I drink to you. You have my respect. My deepest respect. 

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